Guitar lessons recommendations

The guitar can be a unique and pleasant opportunity of training your musical sense. With its pleasant and warm sonorities, it is a great way of spending your free time, relaxing through music.

The guitar lessons from Boem Club will help you learn and play correctly this instrument, from professionals. All teachers from Boem Club have graduated from the Conservator, guitar specialization.

If you want to learn how to play the guitar or you want to improve the instrumental technique you already have, the guitar lessons are the perfect way to do this.

The guitar classes offer you the possibility of learning how to make the first sounds at the guitar, reading at the first sight, recognizing and reproducing sounds and musical parts, theory, technique, repertoire, improvisation and harmony.

About quitar

The guitar is part of the family of stringed musical instruments, being an instrument with pinched strings. The final particle “tar” means “string” in Sanskrit.

Instruments which have led to the apparition of the styled form of the guitar can be traced back in the Antiquity, but the oldest music written for the guitar dates from the 16th century. The classical guitar, as it is today, has been modified and brought to its actual proportions by the Spanish Antonio Torres, remaining unmodified since.

The guitar is an old-rooted instrument which it is used in present in a variety of musical styles.